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Hit-and-run crashes are usually prefaced by an act of negligence, such as speeding, texting, talking on the phone, or driving under the influence.

A 5-year-old girl was in front of her family’s home when she was hit by a vehicle. The driver fled the scene and has yet to be identified. The little girl remains in the hospital with a broken femur, skull fracture, and bleeding on her brain.

A serious accident like this usually results in hefty financial costs, as well as emotional and psychological trauma.

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A multi-vehicle auto accident in the San Francisco Bay Area has left four dead and six others injured.

Over the Thanksgiving Day weekend, an alleged drunk driver collided with a Nissan. The impact cause the Nissan driver to lose control, cross the center median, and hit three other vehicles traveling in the opposite direction. The Nissan flipped over; the driver was injured, but four passengers inside were pronounced dead at the scene. According to the California Highway Patrol, the crash was so horrific that the identity and ages of the victims could not be determined, but said one was a minor. Six others involved in the crash were hospitalized for injuries sustained.

The negligent driver fled the scene, but was apprehended a short time later. He has been charged with vehicle manslaughter while intoxicated; driving under the influence resulting in bodily injury; driving under the influence with a blood alcohol level over 0.08 percent; felony hit and run resulting in death or injury; and driving on a suspended license.

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There are many contributing factors in many auto-pedestrian accidents; driver inattention being the most common cause.

A 38-year-old Clearwater, Florida man has been charged with two counts of fleeing the scene of a crash involving bodily harm after he struck two pedestrians on a sidewalk.

According to police, a 2003 Honda Civic driven by the man, passed through an intersection and veered off the road, striking the pedestrians. When the driver failed to stop, a witness on a motorcycle followed him to a convenient store, called 911, and detained the man until police arrived. The two pedestrians were transported to an area hospital with serious injuries.

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Auto accidents happen far too often. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully we may drive, there is no accounting for the “other guy” on the road.

A 23-year-old woman was killed after being thrown from a vehicle during a crash on I-70 in O’Fallon, Missouri. She was one of four people in a Nissan Cube that was rear-ended by another vehicle. The driver of the Cube and two other passengers were treated at an area hospital, one of which was also thrown from the vehicle. After the crash, the other driver fled the scene in  another vehicle. He was later arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

While the investigation is ongoing, the victim’s family should contact an experienced auto accident attorney to understand their rights and to learn what legal remedies are available. After consulting with an attorney, if they file a lawsuit, it will take months, even years, before a decision is reached. In the meantime, life must go on; they must also find a way to pay their usual bills, as well as accident related expenses, such as funeral and burial expenses. To help with any immediate financial needs, the family may want to consider litigation funding.