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Seattle Woman Receives $65.7 Million After Crash with Ambulance

A serious auto accident can be life-changing. In addition to the physical and emotional devastation, injuries can lead to financial strain, especially for those unable to return to work. Fortunately, auto accident lawsuit funding can provide immediate cash relief, without risk.

The City of Seattle recently agreed to pay nearly $66 million to cover ongoing care for a woman, as well as loss of future income, after she suffered traumatic brain injuries in a crash with an ambulance in April 2016.

According to police reports, the woman’s Porsche was struck by an ambulance about halfway through an intersection. Her vehicle spun around before hitting a tree. As a result of the crash, she suffered both physical and mental impairments. She has undergone extensive brain surgery and spent several months in a rehabilitation facility, followed by an extended stay at an assisted-care facility. Her injuries were serious enough to prevent her from continuing her career as a prominent intellectual property attorney, and she will require a lifetime of medical care. Since the accident, the Seattle Fire Department has improved its driver training program.

Although the ambulance driver alleged that he had the lights on and the siren blaring, the woman’s family alleged that he failed to stop at the red light or comply with state law requiring emergency personnel to only proceed after “slowing down as may be necessary for safe operation.” The case ultimately settled three years after the crash, in favor of the plaintiff.

This case is a perfect example that auto accident personal injury claims can take a long time to settle. Although insurance companies have an ethical and legal duty to act in good faith and pay claims promptly, many will deny, delay, and defend as long as possible. In the meantime, the victim usually will struggle financially to make ends meet.

Lawsuit funding is a no-risk means to obtain immediate cash for paying the mortgage/rent, medical bills, and daily household expenses while waiting for the case to settle. There are no credit checks, out-of-pocket costs, monthly payments, or income and employment requirements. Our clients are only obligated to pay back the cash advance if, and when, the case is settled. If the claim does not settle or if the plaintiff loses the case, he /she is not required to repay the cash advance.

If you were hurt in an auto accident due to no fault of your own and have attorney representation in your lawsuit, you are eligible for auto accident lawsuit funding. To learn more or submit a request for funding, contact the staff at Lawsuit Financial today.