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Plaintiffs Meet Financial Needs with Lawsuit Funding!

Lawsuits take time. Insurance companies and corporate defendants count on this to force cash-strapped plaintiffs to settle early for less than full case value. Fortunately, plaintiffs with a strong case can overcome a defendant’s financial advantage with the help of Lawsuit Financial.

When someone is seriously injured due to the negligence of another, the financial burden can be overwhelming, especially if the injuries make it impossible to return to work. Very often it results in being foreclosed on or in a vehicle being repossessed, and it almost always destroys a person’s credit rating. This is in addition to the physical pain and suffering the plaintiff has endured.

As the plaintiff falls further and further behind in his/her financial obligations, he/she will often consider settling for a fraction of what a case is worth just to make ends meet. A lawsuit should never be as bad as the problem that caused it. Lawsuit funding is often the only option available to help level the playing field and promote justice for plaintiffs.

Lawsuit funding offers some distinct advantages over a traditional bank loan.
• Bank loans are credit-based while lawsuit funding is based on the strength of the case.
• Bank loans usually charge up-front fees and monthly payments while lawsuit funding companies do not charge either.
• Bank loans require employment verification. Again, lawsuit funding companies do not.
• Bank loans must be repaid no matter what while lawsuit funding companies are only repaid if, and when, the settles successfully.

If you have been seriously injured, are currently involved in a lengthy legal process, have retained an attorney, and have financial needs until your case settles, we can help you. After receiving your funding application, we will work with your attorney to obtain relevant documents. If approved, we will prepare a contract and wire funds within 24 – 48 hours. Contact Lawsuit Financial to see how we can meet your financial needs.