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Patient Alleges Medical Devise Used in Hip Surgery was Dangerous

Medical devices can save and improve lives, but not all of them are tested properly before they hit the market. Some have caused injury even death, as a result. One of the most common medical devices that have led to serious injuries is hip replacement devices. Patients were sold a bill of goods from the orthopedic device manufacturers and the orthopedic doctors who peddled their costly implants.

Hip injury claims are nothing new. Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against hip replacement manufacturers for failing to fulfill their promises of reduced pain and greater mobility after patients developed pain, swelling inflammation, infection and damage to surrounding bone and tissue. Lawsuits claim that complications were the result of faulty designs. Unfortunately, we may have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to painful revisions for failing metal on metal hip implants.

The latest claim was filed by a New Orleans woman who alleges that she had to undergo revision surgery because of a dangerous medical implant.

The complaint was filed on March 15 against one of the largest manufacturers of hip replacements in the world, alleging that the company violated the Louisiana Product Liability Act and other counts. The plaintiff alleges that on June 15, 2010, she underwent hip replacement surgery. Since then, she alleges that she has suffered severe and painful problems and complications. She underwent left hip revision surgery in March; a new device was inserted, the suit says. The lawsuit states alleges the company defectively designed, developed, manufactured, distributed, and sold the hip replacement device and failed to provide adequate warnings. The plaintiff requests a trial by jury and seeks an undisclosed amount in compensation.

Waiting for a fair and equitable settlement or a jury trial in cases such as this are hard fought; litigation will likely take years. In the meantime, this woman will still need to pay a mountain of medical bills on top or her ordinary bills and expenses.

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