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Lawsuits Filed on Behalf of Bus Crash Victims

Eight people died, and 25 others were seriously injured, including three young children, in a crash involving a Greyhound bus and a semi-truck in New Mexico. Some of the deceased had to be identified through fingerprints and other means.

The bus was hit head-on after the semi lost the tread on its left front tire, jack-knifed, and crossed the median. The cab of the truck flipped over; the trailer landed on its side. Debris from the semi and mangled bus was scattered across the highway. Investigators will be looking at maintenance and inspection records, as well as other factors such as driver fatigue and the condition of the roadway.

Two lawsuits have already been filed against the trucking company and the semi driver. Both complaints allege negligence and cite data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that shows the company reported three crashes in the last two years.

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