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Lawsuit Financial is making the Holidays Brighter for Personal Injury Victims

Lawsuit Financial is continuously working hard to put smiles on the faces of many financially-strapped plaintiffs and their families who might otherwise go without during this holiday season.
Recently, another attorney nominated a client for our Adopt-a-Family program. The client is a mother of two children, ages six and three who is literally homeless. She was severely injured and disabled in a car accident in 2014. Unable to drive to and from work, she lost her job. Her wish list this holiday season includes blankets and child size hats, gloves, scarves, and snow suits.

Without the benefit of an “adoption,” families like this would be looking forward to a very grim holiday. “Having an injured family member is difficult enough,” explains Mark M. Bello, an attorney and also the company’s founder and CEO. “When you add to it the financial stress of the holiday season, it’s almost like suffering through the injury again. We wanted to help make the holidays a little happier for these families’ with our Adopt-a-Family program and honored that the Michigan Association for Justice has joined us.”

Our program is a little different and with a more personal touch because attorneys are anonymously matched to a plaintiff and we actually ask the families to provide a wish list of the things they would like to receive. Our team compiles the wish lists for the attorney matched with each client. Once all shopping is concluded, Lawsuit Financial uniquely packages each bundle of gifts and ensures that the families receive them during the week before Christmas.
Since inception, Lawsuit Financial has helped thousands of plaintiffs and continues to be a recognized industry leader by law firms’ nationwide, citing trust between the funding company, client and attorney as the first step in litigation funding.

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