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Lawsuit Funding: When an Auto Accident Strains Your Finances

After an auto accident, everything can seem complicated, but applying for lawsuit funding is not one of those things.

A mother of two was on her way to work when she was hit head on by a drunk driver. She was trapped in her car for nearly an hour and was not responsive when was first found. The woman was rushed to the hospital and required immediate surgery. All her major organs were pushed into her diaphragm. Her lung was punctured by a broken rib, her spleen had to be removed, and her pelvis, tibia and one foot were broken. More surgery is likely, followed by rehabilitation and months of being able to return to work.

Many auto accident cases are resolved quickly without the need for a lawsuit and litigation in court. However, some cases cannot be settled, often times because the insurance company refuses to make a reasonable offer until required by a jury to do so. Even when the defendant admits fault, the insurance company often delays and defends the claim.

Pursuing compensation can be challenging for plaintiffs. However, an experienced auto accident attorney can help victims navigate the complex legal process, ensuring just compensation is obtained. However, being involved in an auto accident is not just physically and emotionally painful. Your financial status can quickly be affected. You may need time to recuperate, you may be unable to work, the medical bills may be piling up, and/or you may need to replace your car. With a “lawsuit loan,” known as lawsuit funding, you can obtain cash to make sure your day-to-day needs are met until a settlement is reached.

Simply complete our online contact form. One of our representatives will contact your attorney for case documentation; our underwriters will usually make a funding decision within 24 – 48 hours.

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