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Lawsuit Funding: A Viable Option for Trucking Accidents

Due to the size and weight of tractor-trailers, auto-truck accidents can be devastating, often fatal. Even when victims survive, they often suffer chronic pain and disabilities, resulting in mounting medical bills and reduced quality of life. Lawsuits drag on for months, if not years while insurance companies deny, delay, and defend claims. For that reason, seeking the right lawsuit funding company has become essential for many plaintiffs in need of quick compensation.

Two lawsuits were recently filed against a transport company alleging that a truck driver’s negligence, recklessness, and carelessness, led to serious and debilitating injuries. According to the complaints, a woman was driving a Ford pick-up truck on the interstate when her vehicle was struck by a tractor-trailer. She suffered spine, chest, and abdomen injuries, a sprain of the left shoulder, and contusion of the left knee. Her male passenger also suffered from spine injuries. Both lawsuits allege that the injuries have left the plaintiffs with physical pain, impairment, and disability, as well as the loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, and mounting medical expenses. The plaintiffs seek an undisclosed amount in damages.

Waiting for their personal injury cases to settle could drag on for years. Yet, for someone with pressing financial needs, waiting is not an option. Without substantial savings or friends and family to help, lawsuit funding is not only a quick and easy solution but quite possibly the only solution.

Lawsuit funding is a cash advance to help plaintiffs until a settlement is reached or a verdict handed down by the courts. The only qualifications are a strong case and attorney representation. There is no need for an application fee, credit check, employment verification, or collateral of any kind. Once an application is approved, cash can be available within 24 – 48 hours. Best of all, there are no payments until the case settles, and if lost, the plaintiff is under no obligation to repay the cash advance.

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