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Family Awarded $4 Million in Nine Year Old Medical Malpractice Case

Losing a loved one is a difficult situation for any family, but this is especially true if the death was caused by another person’s negligence. In such a scenario, it’s your right to hire an attorney and file a wrongful death lawsuit to fight for justice and monetary recovery. However, no matter the strength of the case, you may still wait years until your case settles. When finances are strained, Lawsuit Financial can help by providing wrongful death lawsuit funding.

Nine years ago, a Massachusetts woman died while delivering her fourth child. Earlier this month, the family obtained justice when a jury awarded her family $4 million.

The woman became anemic during pregnancy, which placed her at a higher risk of life-threatening complications during and after a Cesarean section (C-section). The lawsuit alleged that during the procedure, one of the doctors punctured her bowel and the woman lost a substantial amount of blood. Additionally, she suffered from an atonic uterus (condition where the uterus fails to contract after birth), which was treated but relapsed several hours later. The lawsuit further stated that the doctor failed to properly monitor her condition and give her an immediate blood transfusion. By the time blood products and plasma were ordered and administered, the young mother went into cardiac arrest and died. The cause was determined to be “a pulmonary amniotic fluid embolism following cesarean delivery of intrauterine pregnancy” according to her autopsy report.

Following a three-week trial and five days of deliberation, the jury ruled in favor of the plaintiff.

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CEO Mark M. Bello has been a Michigan attorney for 40 years and is a civil mediator. He is passionate about justice and is the author of two novels, Betrayal of Faith and Betrayal of Justice available on major online book store sites.