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Another wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against Super Boat International (SBI) Productions Inc. and its president, John Carbonell, along with four other race officials.

Three racers died in the 2011 Key West World Championship. A wrongful death lawsuit filed last year is still pending. The latest lawsuit was filed by the family of the two men who died when their 46-foot catamaran did a reverse flip and crashed inside Key West Harbor. According to the lawsuit, the defendants’ rescue effort was improperly equipped, poorly coordinated, and took too long to pull one victim from the overturned catamaran, resulting in his drowning. The suit also alleges that race officials the catamaran did not meet industry safety standards for its canopy and cockpit system.

Although race officials are denying all charges, the deaths prompted additional safety measures, including requiring canopy boat-equipped race teams to develop and share exit strategies with race officials. The 2012 Key West World Championship ended without any major injuries.

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If you look at the NYC headlines for cases in which lawyers open up litigation against other lawyers, or at least where a suit happens between employees and/or partners of the same law firm, it becomes increasingly apparent that many of these are sexual harassment cases. Most recently Juan E. Monteverde, a partner at Faruqi & Faruqi LLP, came under fire for repeatedly sexually harassing a “summer associate” who worked at the same firm (you can read more about it here). It’s an unfortunate reminder that even those most well-versed in law are capable of abusing it, as well as that sexual harassment in the workplace is still a major problem in this country. Whether it occurs while working at a law firm or in any other workplace setting, there are certain things to remember about suing for sexual harassment.

Steps You Need to Take

Make it clear that the sexual behavior is unwelcome

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I am well on my way to recovery and my lawsuit has finally settled. This would not have been possible without the help of Lawsuit Financial so I asked if I could share my story on their website.

An auto accident turned my life upside down. I was hit broadsided by a drunk driver on my way home from dinner with a friend. The impact sent my car careening down an embankment. Luckily a rescue team was quick to arrive. I suffered several broken bones, fractures, and will forever walk with a limp.

Although I filed a lawsuit to recover damages, it took two years to resolve. I had thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost my job, and almost lost my home. The financial pressures left me feeling like there were few options but to accept an early settlement in my case which was far less than my attorney told me it was worth. That is when she mentioned lawsuit funding.

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Personal injury in the United States has significant financial implications for individuals who may be subject to extended periods of time off work, rising medical bills, and the challenge of accommodating a family during tough times. While the burden of the compensation costs the U.S. billions of dollars a year, only one in seven victims are compensated for their medical expenses.

The latest judicial review from the UK Civil Justice department says that aggressive press advertising combined with a tenacious, public approach to injuries is fueling a “culture of claim”; the potential client is provided with the peace of mind of ‘No Win No Fee’ offers from attorneys. David Cameron recently introduced opposition measures to what he called “injury scandals”. He denounces the large amounts of whiplash claims, annually, and proposes legislation that would outlaw claims occurring in crashes at speeds of 10 mph or less. He argues that decreased insurance premiums would result from such legislation. Apparently this “penalize the victim to protect insurance company pocketbooks” mentality has traveled to the UK from the United States, where right wing attacks on civil justice victims have been going on for years.

Although 80% of the personal injury market in the UK is created from whiplash, the remaining 20% are often from complicated accidents that individuals often shy away from due to frightening costs and the fear of an unsuccessful case. Individuals should not be afraid to take personal injury cases to the courts when the financial impact on your work and home life can take a significant time to rebuild. The US system is friendlier then the UK as the losing defendant has to pay your costs as well as the compensation, but in contrast to the cost of healthcare the UK system will probably treat you with a friendly financial hand to engage with solicitor fees.

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The Third Party Funding of International Arbitration Claims: The Newest “New Thing” is being sponsored by the New York State Bar Association and the Fordham University School of Law, in collaboration with the American Bar Association Sections of Dispute Resolution and International Law.

The event will be held at:

Fordham University School of Law