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Carbon Monoxide at Hotel Pool Suspected in Michigan Teen’s Death

Carbon monoxide exposure can result in serious or permanent side effects; sometimes the results of exposure can be fatal. When carbon monoxide poisoning is caused by the negligence of another individual or entity, victims may have the right to seek compensation for medical expenses and other damages.

A 13-year-old boy is dead and eight other people were hospitalized after the group was found unconscious at a hotel’s indoor pool in southern Michigan.

According to reports, hotel employees found six unresponsive children, ranging in age from 12 – 14, on the deck of the indoor pool and in the breakfast area adjacent to the pool, after noticing their bodies through a window. Another child, who police said had just left the pool area, was found unresponsive in a first floor hotel room. When police arrived, carbon monoxide levels were at 800 parts per million in the pool, 16 times the safety limit.

A hotel worker and four police officers were also treated for treated for exposure to the poisonous gas.

The local fired department captain said the carbon monoxide leak happened as a result of ventilation issues from the pool heater. The hotel was evacuated and remained shut down after the incident.

For those that suffered from mild symptoms, it is highly probably they will make a full recovery. However, anyone with a more serious case of carbon monoxide poisoning may suffer long-term health complications, including heart, lung, or brain damage.

Families of the victims should seek legal advice to determine their rights to filing a negligence lawsuit. Damages can include medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of income, and physical and mental pain and suffering. An attorney can launch an investigation to determine how and why the incident occurred, and identify any, and all parties that may be liable, such as the hotel owners, pool inspectors, or maintenance company, to name a few.

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