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Camper Comes Loose; Hits SUV Head-On

A Kentucky couple and their two grandchildren, a six-month-old and a three-year-old, were struck head-on by a camper that broke loose from a truck. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene; the six-month old died a few days from acute intracranial trauma.

All that is current known about this bizarre crash is that the driver of the truck had recently bought the camper and he and his father were going on a camping trip at the time of the crash. The truck driver told police that just before the crash that he heard a pop and then saw the camper through his side-view mirror as it headed toward the victim’s vehicle. “The camper struck the front of the vehicle and it just kind of imploded upon impact,” he said.

The family of the deceased child said that when the time is right, they plan to work to ensure regulations are enforced to prevent what happened to their family from hurting others. There is no word whether they will be filing a lawsuit.

A camper can come unhitched from a vehicle for several different reasons. Sometimes, it is the result of a defective component of the hitch or mount, while other times it caused by corrosion, cracks, and rust that have weakened. However, in most cases a runaway camper is due to improperly securing the hitch.

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